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Wholesale Mood rings

Wholesale mood rings

If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to reveal their inner state of mind to your friends and family, then you might consider wearing mood rings. Humans have the remarkable ability of showing various moods during a day and these changes are often reflected through various physiological changes as well. For example, if you are angry then your blood pressure and body temperature often increases but if you are happy and laughing then then these vital characteristics remain low.   These rings change their color according to the temperature of the body. Various colours on them signify what the body temperature is and what the person’s mental makeup is like at that particular moment. We will discuss some of the common mood ring color meanings in this article so that you can understand how this novel invention works.

Take for example the color to be black. Now it is widely accepted that black is the coldest temperature which can be detected. And the body is usually cold when it is under highly stressed emotions such as anxiety, depression or sadness. However, if you live in cold temperatures and you are feeling perfectly all right, then chances are that it is the atmosphere which is messing with the mood ring color meaning. Wholesale mood rings.

Red is another color which appears when the wearer is going through passionate emotions. These emotions are usually very strong in their nature like, for example, those during sexual experiences or during angry volatile situations. When a person is going through tremendously passionate situations, then the heart starts beating faster. Blood flow to various body parts also increases and this results in a higher body temperature. Thus the mood ring changes its color to red signifying extreme emotions and an agitated state of mind, positive or negative.   After red and black, green is a common color. A lot of people attribute green color to a neutral state of mind. This state of mind is an ideal state for you are calm and grounded and understand yourself and your life completely.

There is nothing which is bothering you and you are able to derive satisfaction from your life no matter what your condition is.   These rings are novel pieces of jewellery which were invented in the 1960s.Wholesale  Mood rings are worn by several people today because of their supposed nature of changing their color depending on a person’s mood.


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